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Welcome to Nutritional Frontiers!

Nutritional Frontiers is breaking through nutritional boundaries to provide the most comprehensive, researched and therapeutic natural solutions for patients today! The “new frontier in nutrition” maximizes synergy with the latest technology in manufacturing with the highest quality control standards, cutting edge unique formulations, and patient friendly educational programs. Our formulas and programs are designed by healthcare practitioners based upon the best research available to provide the most effective, safe, and therapeutic natural solutions.

All of our formulas are created and produced in cGMP certified manufacturing facilities. GMP certified or Good Manufacturing Practices Certified guarantees all of our formulas for purity and potency. All of our partners in health are guaranteed that every single formula is created in certified facilities with the highest quality control standards and the highest quality ingredients.

Our mission is to create, develop and provide safe, effective and therapeutic natural solutions and educational programs to healthcare professionals and people worldwide with excellent quality, integrity, research, and service.

Quality - every nutraceutical is produced in a cGMP certified facility to guarantee purity and potency.
Integrity - you receive our Nutritional Frontiers 100% guarantee, if you are unhappy with the products simply return them and we will refund your money.
Research - we use therapeutic dosages based upon cutting edge research and we offer unique formulations by combining specific nutrients in one formula.
Service - you receive the best service and support available as we take tremendous pride in our relationships with our clients and patients.

The “new frontier in nutrition” maximizes synergy with the latest technology in manufacturing with the highest quality control standards, cutting edge unique formulations, and patient friendly educational programs. Our formulas and programs are designed by healthcare practitioners based upon the best research available to provide the most effective, safe, and therapeutic natural solutions.

Testimonials About our Formulas

May 15th 2018
“I’ve had glasses since I was 4 years old and always had to wear them when I drive. I started taking the 20/20 tincture in hopes of some help. After finishing roughly 3 bottles, my eye doctor told me to throw my glasses away because they are no longer needed! My vision used to be 20/50, now it’s 20/25!”

July 15th, 2017
“I had high PSA levels on my bloodwork and did not want to go on medication. I was advised to do the 10 Day Detox Program along with taking PSA II. On my most recent bloodwork, my PSA levels dropped from 4.6 to 3.5. This Showed a BIG IMPROVEMENT!”

September 26th, 2017
“I have been experiencing very low energy and could take a nap an hour after waking up for years. I began taking 2 Thyro Complete a day and my energy level rose GREATLY and immediately! I now have energy all day long.”

September 29th, 2017
I’ve been noticing a lot of fatigue, feeling constantly tired/ sluggish along with random bald spots. I started taking the Thyro Complete and noticed an increase in energy along with hair growth where I had the bald spots!”

Frontier CBD Case Studies

Case Study 1:
A 55-year-old female with arthritis and swelling in her knuckles used the Frontier CBD Cream and gave her pain relief in two minutes!

Case Study 2:
A 42-year-old female prone to getting panic attacks since using the Frontier CBD Oil hasn't had one and really "calmed me down."

Case Study 3:
A 50-year-old man pain in his knee and foot used the CBD cream and felt pain relief in five minutes!

Case Study 4:
A 62-year-old female with sleep issues that tried "everything" used the Frontier CBD Oil and now "sleeping like a baby for the first time ever."

Case Study 5:
A 97-year-old female still working, constant agony with knee pain. Pain is so bad she is almost in tears. Used Frontier CBD Cream to try on her knees and after application, she said that the pain was completely gone within 15 minutes!

Case Study 6:
A 49-year old male joint pain in hands. The pain was eliminated within minutes. Relief lasted 12 hours, second application relieved pain again within minutes. 1 week later pain is almost completely gone!

Case Study 7:
A 16-year-old dog had tremendous knee pain, trouble walking up steps, and sleeping issues. Couple drops of the Frontier CBD liquid and CBD Cream on joints improved all sleep issue and joint issues.

Case Study 8:
An 80-year-old female fell on her right arm used the Frontier CBD liquid and cream on her bruised arm and her pain was dramatically reduced.

Case Study 9:
A 60-year-old female had a stiff neck and tremendous pain to the point where she couldn't move it. One application of the Frontier CBD Cream and she gained back full mobility and range in her neck within six minutes.

Case Study 10:
15-year-old female Beagle/Jack Russel mix, 58 lbs. Taking 1/4 dropper full daily. Not able to climb steps up into bed or jump up on the couch. Laying around a lot, not playing etc. Has multiple "tumors" on the body that were increasing in size every 2 weeks. With CBD Oil dog can now climb steps to bed to sleep with the owner, jump up on the couch, is playing with other dogs now. Basically, acting like a puppy! Also, tumors have stopped growing... The owner also pleased with CBD Oil. 50-year-old male 281 lbs. taking 1 dropper BID. Chronic pain in the entire back, neck, shoulder since 2007 after hit by a car going 55 mph. He is disabled. Sleeping a lot better. The only complaint is the CBD Oil works too well. He forgets about pain and is doing a lot more and then is sore later... 

Case Study 11:
My father was in a car accident 12 years ago and broke his neck and his back and suffers from a spinal cord injury. He has excruciating nerve pain and numbness in his hands as a result of the injury. He has tried all forms of nerve medication including Lyrica, Neurontin/Gabapentin, and Cymbalta. These are mildly effective but come with a long list of unwanted side effects. At a recent visit to his primary care physician, his doctor applied Frontier CBD Cream to his hands. Within minutes, I saw him staring at his hands in disbelief and I asked him what was wrong. He said that his hands were beginning to feel better. By the time that he was home, he reported that his hands were 50% better. He's now able to get almost 100% pain relief in his hands using the CBD Cream. This is the most relief he has had in 12 years since his car accident.

Case Study 12:
4 days in of using Nutritional Frontiers Hemp oil unflavored with my old dog Lilly who has a massive tumor on the base of tail...gone.  one on shoulder blade GONE! 
She is 9yrs old.  86lbs. Used 2/3 droppers full first 4 days. It was 3.5 inches at the base of the mound and stood 3inchs at peak. She comes to me every night at 8 pm knowing she is getting it.  
Also using Nutritional Frontiers Hemp oil for my other dog a neurotic Boston Terrier.  She sleeps amazingly now no longer waking 2 times to go out.

Case Study 13:
I got a very good report my lung capacity has increased but most of all the oxygen desaturation test was outstanding! I walked for 12 minutes at a 12% incline and my O2 level only dropped to 97%. Also, my doctor is very impressed with my skin loosening she said its feeling softer. I told her I was doing the oil we cant credit going to the gym that's only 2 days a week the oil I do everyday lol. I don't know how I lived without using the Frontier CBD cream. It starts to work in 10 minutes. I put it on every night before bed that's when my hands hurt the most. I'm also noticing my palms and fingers are getting lighter I don't know if it's from the oil or the cream but either way it's noticeable. I recently read that a study in Australia proved CBD oil improves lung function since it works as an anti-fibrotic. I think this is why my breathing test was much better. On Nov 7th I see my scleroderma doctor and I'll let you know what he says.

Case Study 14:
A 49-year-old female with extreme sweating over the summer assumed it was menopause. Started taking Eestrocleanse August 13th. She immediately noticed less sweating. She's taking 2-day now and just started menstruating yesterday! (After 7 months) she feels like a teenager again and has so much energy today!