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"Toss and Turn" from Anonymous - Cream Ridge NJ on 7/5/2015


Effective,Easy To Swallow,Easy On Stomach,Simple To Take,Good Value

Best Uses:

Women,Older People,Daily Use

Describe Yourself:

First Time User,Health Conscious

Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Got this supplement as a sample with my regular order and found it to be highly effective in promoting sound joyful sleep. I ordered it to auto-shipped. The formulation in this supplement works better than any other combinations of supplements that I've taken in the past. I'm eagerly waiting for my first full sized bottle and haven't had a good night Since I ran out of the sample. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this supplement.

Ellie from Venice, Florida on

Good Value,Easy To Swallow,Simple To Take,Effective,Easy On Stomach

Describe Yourself:
First Time User

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
You sent a sample to me and I was wowed! Have been having better "sleep" nights and feeling more rested in the am. Thanks. Ordering again.

David M. 5/23/2011

64 year old male with BPH for the past 6 years, frequent urination, bacteria infection

I followed the diet to a t and I was faithful with the supplements. I eliminated on my own the 3 medications I was on and I have seen improvement in urinary stream and I am now able to completely empty my bladder.

I took UT cleanse, Estrocleanse, PSA and SBC


Carol N. Dec 31, 2011

62 year old female with ankle injury from a fall

Recently I visited your center during the Winer Wellness Week. On the advise of Mike Gallagher, I took Nutritional Frontiers Cybzyme and HA plus as he directed to help my badly sprained foot. I wanted to let you know how much my foot has recovered with the help of these supplements.

I fell down a couple of steps, and my foot immediately swelled and was very painful. I was barely able to get to the car with the help of my husband. The first day I put my foot up with ice. The next day I went to mediexpress with the help of crutches where x-rays showed no noticeable broken bones. I was put in a soft cast and continued walking with crutches. The cast was removed a few days before my husband and I visited the winer wellness center. Mr. Mike Gallagher at your center recommended taking 5 capsules of Cybzyme wither 1 hour before or 1.5 hours after eating until the bottle of 90 caps were gone. In addition, he recommended doubling the dose of HA plus to 2 caps twice daily. I could feel my foot improving daily as a result of this regimen that I continued for about 2 weeks. Each day the swelling noticeably diminished, and the area of black coloring on my foot and toes was reduced. Every day I was walking better, slowly began walking a little faster without discomfort, and my foot was feeling stronger. I returned to the center and purchased more supplements to continue the process to ensure that I would continue to improve. During this time I was going to work every day, and I moved from using crutches to a cane to walking without either. I am 62 years old and I know that the supplements helped tremendously in regaining the use and strength of my foot.

Thank You to Mike Gallagher who recommended the supplements and to your radio programs and your work over the years to educate us about the revealing benefits of supplements. Thanks you so much.

HA plus and Cybzyme


Timothy K. Pittsburgh, Pa. 7/19/2011

47 year old male with psoriasis for 7 years and foot problems 2 years ( plantar fasciatis), Neuroma

I have tried dermatologist shots, creams and many lotions plus podiatrist cortisone shots, custom orthotics

After many years of treatments the psoriasis continued to get worse, moving to the severe stage, covering about 70% of my body. As a last resort it was recommended to me I consider mild chemotherapy in pill form. At the same time my foot problems left me in constant pain, every step became a chore. I came to the Winer Wellness Center on the recommendation of a co-worker in November 2010.

After meeting with Jamie Dorley, he completely changed and cleaned up my diet and began aggressive supplementation to treat the psoriasis caused by a fungal infection. Dan M checked for food allergies and Dr Winer made some suggestions. In four months the psoriasis began to disappear and now is almost completely gone. At the same time Adam began to work on my feet and I am now able to walk and even run without pain.
I am and will always be grateful for Dr Winer, Jamie, Dan and Adam for all they do and for empowering me to live well naturally.

SBC, Paracleanse, D35000, Omega 3D, Pro Colors and HA plus are part of my protocol.


David M. 7/15/2012

69 year old male with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear Dr Winer, When you listened to my concerns of pain in my hip and knee, you diagnosed my problems associated with RA, you explained what I needed to do, I am doing what you suggested.

In the past 3 months I have had chiropractic care, taken the vitamin supplements and HA plus. The pain is GONE and I can now sleep good without 2-3 aspirin, can take long walks and even play and enjoy golf again. NO hip or knee replacement is planned, my old age of 69 is now my new age of 39. Thank you and keep up your good work for others.


John C. 11/30/2009

68 year old male with A-Fib, fatigue and high blood pressure

Power fuel helped me recover from a fibrulation and congestive heart disease, rapid heart beat at 150 beats per minute and more energy. My heart beat became normal and blood pressure normalized into the 115/68 range. My heart beat came into the 40-60 range resting or sleeping and went into the 80's on moderate exercise. I am able to go all day without a nap and I am able to now do hard work. My age is 68 and I am now able to walk 4 miles a day.

I cannot say enough good about this product. I am now able to withstand stress and eat more food. My blood pressure became 115/68 range by using this product. I have used this product during external counter pulsation ECP treatments instead of drugs. This product combined with ECP treatments made me well.


Brady P. 5-14-2012

21 year old male with asthma and allergies that I have suffered with my whole life

One morning at work my sinuses were bothering me and I was starting to get sinus headache. So I took the Airmaxx chewables and instantly I could breathe again through my nose. The airmaxx also helped me with my mucus as well. I recommend this product to those who have asthma, allergies and sinus congestion.


Keith A. 12/6/2011

Hard gainer, weight lifter and fitness

I jumped on the board with nutritional frontiers products back in august with the best whey and power fuel from the recommendation of Anthony Swaggerty. I now take the Super Stack Advanced program or as I call it the “Swaggs Stack” and I have two weeks to notice strength gains and four weeks for size gains.

I have been a hard gainer and NF is the only supplement line that puts quality weight on me. What I was doing for sets of 10 has now increased to 15 reps on the deadlift. I put on six quality pounds without increasing bodyfat in an easy 12 weeks. I look forward to continued progress while using this companys products and I recommend to everyone I know. I do not get tired of the compliments at all!


Clare G. 7/19/2011

66 year old female with knee pain, pulled muscled, dizziness and concussion.

I have used medications, therapy and I used to cry walking up and down the stairs. I took ha plus 4 caps per day for about 2 months. Now I take 1 capsule a day and feel great! I can walk upstairs without pain and I really like the HA plus.


Douglas C. 10/19/2011

63 year old male with diabetes and high blood pressure for the past 20 years

I have currently been taking glybercide. I started talking the nutritional frontiers super b complete and frontier minerals and it reduced my hemoglobin A1C from 10-6.7 in the first month.