Introducing NF Asia and Partnership with Good Health Distributors

Pittsburgh-based health and wellness leader, Nutritional Frontiers, enters into a landmark partnership with Singapore-based health and nutrition distributor, Good Health Distributors, to expand and promote health and wellness in the growing Asian market. Nutritional Frontiers prides itself on their commitment to education and innovation for healthcare professionals and consumers for over 10 years.

“We have contributed a great deal in making America healthy and there is much more to do, however, in marking our 10 years we also thought it would be timely to aim to ‘Make the World Healthy’. Asia is a region, which is growing economically, and they also share similar health demographics. When Shawn of Good Health contacted me, I was excited and said yes immediately,” stated Jamie Dorley, CEO Nutritional Frontiers. Nutritional Frontiers and Good Health Distributors share a unique vision of making Asia healthy with a focus on quality, integrity, research, and service.

“Nutritional Frontiers Asia will be the solution to the challenges they are facing with the traditional healthcare system. I am also privileged to work with Good Health Distributors, who are the pioneers in health and nutrition distribution in Asia. They were the ones who brought Weider into Asia. I knew from the first time I spoke with Shawn, we share a similar vision and ideals. He is not just a great business leader, but also an international leader in the sport of bodybuilding, so we have similar experiences,” Jamie stated.

Mr. Shawn Sugendran, MD of Good Health Distributors and CEO of Singapore Wellness Centre added, “We have been in the traditional nutrition and health distribution business since 1977 and have very strict brand requirements as we owe our national directors and consumers an obligation to keep them healthy and safe. Nutritional Frontiers meets the highest quality standards and utilizes over 45 researched, trademarked, and patented ingredients. According to research, Asia is soon going to face a major health crisis. We have a fast-aging population. Many of us are suffering from chronic illness and the sad fact is many do not realize these are preventable chronic issues and accept them as part of getting old. Therefore, we wanted to look at not just serving the sporting community but the larger community out there. Our people focus on making money more than their health and they will in turn trust the healthcare system to take care of them when they suffer. It’s a price we pay for rapid economic growth. In my center we see many patients like that. I ask them would you rather pay forward and be healthy in your last years or pay later and suffer in your last years. We need to really educate them on food quality, the need for proper nutrition, and preventive medicine,” he shared.

Shawn who is also the President of the World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation Singapore who’s athletes recently won two medals at the World Championships last year, aims to promote an active lifestyle and good nutrition as a pathway towards active and disease-free living.

Nutritional Frontiers Asia had already been receiving interest from many Asian countries and governments. It is also aiming to roll out certification programs for the Healthcare and Allied Healthcare communities in the next six months.

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