KOCHE Prevent Plus Kit

Price: $159.00

In this day and age of the COVID-19 pandemic there is so much uncertainty and mistrust. We don’t completely understand this virus even over a year into the research! If you have been following me you know that I was gifted with disease at a very young age which led to my approach of always questioning the narrative. I have had to go outside of the traditional recommendations time and time again to heal and support my body (which has made me a natural “biohacker” for 30 years!!).

What we all have known to be true about Covid is that it leads to worse outcomes in those with under functioning immune systems. I am now ready to support you all with scientifically supported kits to meet you wherever you are on this journey. I want you all to remember that no vitamin or medication can replace the true healers—the sun, healthy hydration, grounding/nature, a clean diet, and a positive mindset. BUT certain supplements have been shown to help significantly!!!

Includes the backbone support in our Prevent kit but has 2 added supplements. We have included a broad spectrum immune support product that will help keep your immune system ready to jump in at all times. Additionally, Quercetin has been shown in clinical trials to have potent anti-viral effects and in combination with zinc acts similarly to medications that have proven to be effective at decreasing severity and symptoms of Covid. This kit is for people that want added support (including those that are electing to avoid the V) and has two levels of dosing—one for higher level prevention and one for treatment if you do get exposed as soon as symptoms arise.

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