NF Services

As a client and patient centered organization all of our services are provided to support the successful implementation of your wellness program. You receive complete in office support for your practice and patients. The wellness field is quickly evolving with a tremendous amount of new challenges we face everyday. At Nutritional Frontiers no request is too small or big, if you need it let us know!Our team at NF is ready to support you with proven solutions to overcome these challenges including:

- Patient Education

- Staff Education

- Professional Education

- Inventory Management

- Wellness Events

- Special Requests

- Customized EZ Marketing

- Private Labeling

- Unique Packaging

- Turn Around Times

Patient Education

The process of Patient health education is an important tool in developing strong and trusting relationships with patients. It offers a patient centered approach which involves patient participation  and provides an opportunity to impart both preventative education and guidance about the treatment of a specific condition or disease. 

By providing patient education you can create a collaborative relationship with the patient and help them understand important information such as how and why they need to make lifestyle changes. 

The Major Benefits of Patient Health Education are:

  • Improved Patient Responsibility for their Healthcare
  • Opportunity to choose healthier lifestyles 
  • Opportunity to Practice Preventative Medicine
  • Promotes Patient Centered Care
  • Increased Compliance
  • Improved  Outcomes

Staff Education

Proper  staff education  is one of the most important components of running a successful Wellness Practice. Your staff is a reflection of you and your practice and they can be a great asset to your overall business.

If you are like most health professionals your education was focused on clinical training and how to help your patients with their health. Unfortunately, most medical schools don't provide education about how to effectively train your staff.

Staff training is not a one time event but an ongoing formula driven process and when done correctly can make the difference between a "just getting by" practice and a hugely successful and profitable practice.
We provided on going staff training for all of our clients and our most successful clients and conducting these training's on a continual basis.

Professional Education

Implementing a Successful Wellness Practice can be challenging and at times frustrating. Because most medical schools don't teach health professionals business growth strategies, many wellness practices are just getting by. Yet there are those practices that are booming and they typically share a common theme.

Most training for professionals is geared at justifying and selling to the doctor. What happens when you return to the office and patients come in? Many time the training you invested a weekend on does not help in this situation. Learn how to set and run a successful wellness patients centered profitable business.

That theme is that they have a business growth model that is formula driven with "proof of concept" that can be duplicated. They also share another common theme and they stay in their area of expertise and don't try to be all things to all people. Many times health professionals try to do everything which dilutes their expertise and takes them away from their clinical practice. Those health professionals that devote the majority of time in their area of expertise and open themselves to a proven business growth model reap the benefits of a profitable and successful wellness practice. They are the Medical Entrepreneurs who not only love their work but love that they have a smooth running business.

Inventory Management

inv mgEffective inventory management is all about knowing what is on hand, what is coming in and what is going out. One of the biggest challenges that faces health professionals is running effective Inventory Management within their practice. Frequently patients programs are delayed or interrupted as not enough product is ordered, too many duplicate products are ordered, too much is ordered or the product has to be disposed of due to expiration dates.

Proper Inventory management provides a process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of products into and out of an existing inventory. Effective inventory management controls the costs associated with the inventory and provides the necessary documentation for accurate internal records and tax related issues.

Many health professionals have created a highly profitable revenue stream to complement their patient visit fees by understanding and properly implementing a successful inventory management system.

Wellness Events

NFOne of the most frequent questions that health professionals ask is how can they attract new clients. At the top of the list is to run Wellness Events. Wellness Events are an easy way to gather a group of people and educate them about different areas of health and wellness. This allows them to have the wellness experience in your office without an appointment.

The Internet has created a shift in the way consumers learn about health and the number of people wanting information in this area is staggering Over 81% of people have searched online about health and it is the first place people look.

Holding a series of Wellness Events with a different topic each time is a proven formula for increasing your client base by maintaining existing client and introducing new ones.. Those health professionals who hold regular wellness events have reported the following results:

1) Increase in new patients
2) Improved patient retention
3) Increase in patient referrals
4) Increase in revenue

If you want to be seen as a "Thought Leader" in your field and create a group of raving, loyal fans, holding Wellness Events is a proven solution.

Special Requests

Many health professionals have out of the box needs when implementing a successful wellness practice. Unfortunately many questions and requests arise concerning new products, media discussions, marketing and business growth strategies that are not typically taught in seminars or medical schools.

Having a timely and proven solution when "Special Requests" arise can mean the difference between having a mediocre or successful outcome. Special Requests can come in the form of a new hot product, flyers for an event, a poster, samples, technical questions or verbiage for a marketing piece or some other marketing request that is necessary to execute an action.

These can often take time that you don't have and extra funds that have not been set aside.

Collaborating with experts to address Special Requests can ensure optimal outcomes.

Customized Marketing

The number one comment heard from most health professionals regarding business development is, "They don't teach us marketing in medical school".

As a result, health professionals often have daily struggles in this area and become frustrated in trying to handle their marketing needs which can often lead to extra stress and upset. Implementing effective marketing strategies is critical to the success of any wellness practice. Unfortunately, this is an area that is often not addressed and is the single biggest roadblock for most health professionals reaching their business potential.

Just like "patient protocols" are fundamental tenants to positive patient outcomes, customized marketing protocols are the backbone of a successful wellness practice. Using a formula driven, proof of concept marketing model can ensure that your practice will allow you to focus on your patient clinical experience while taking the pressure off of you to have to be a marketing expert.


Private Labeling

Certain Wellness Practices are at a point in their business growth and development where they have a desire to have high quality nutricueticals and products under a "Private Label".  This can be an exciting yet daunting project.  

Like other business growth strategies, using a formula driven model for Private Labeling can help ensure a successful experience with strong consumer interest.

The advantages of Private Labeling are: 

  • Create personalized image and branding
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Better control on production, marketing, distribution and profits
  • Pricing Control

Custom Formulations

Many health professionals are interested in custom formulations that will fulfill specific needs within their practice. These formulations can help to distinguish you in their area of expertise and create a competitive differentiators in the marketplace.

Generally, health professionals don't have the time, investment capital or trained experts within their organization to create custom formulations. So are custom formulations right for you? If a specific formulation, profits and building brand-equity into your wellness practice is important to you, offering custom formulations can be valuable.

There are two options when you are creating a custom formulation, the first is when you have a formula created already and you need us to manufacture and the second option is when you have an idea and concept and you would like help in completing the product and then producing it.
Our team of experts in bio-tech and nutraceuticals are here to help support you from concept to completion.

Unique Packaging

With private labeling and custom formulations you are often restricted by the packaging options to select from.

You are able to select from many unique packaging including blue, green, amber or white bottles, single serving packets,
vitamin packs plus any other package you would like.

With these unique packaging options you will able to build your brand with a professional quality look. This is especially vital when you are
creating a new label and brand.

Turn Around Times

We have some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry and every product, quote or special request has an urgency and we strive to deliver on time every time.  We are able to work on the turnaround times listed below:

  • Quotes will be provided within 7 business days
  • Private labeled orders will ship within 3 weeks after label is approved and 2 weeks on reorders
  • Custom sized orders in 4 weeks
  • Custom formulations in 10 weeks.