Essential E

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Essential E-400 is a vitamin E supplement with Mixed Tocopherols. The Vitamin E provided is in the all natural pure d-alpha tocopherol form. The inclusion of the mixed tocopherol, increase bioavailability and provide added antioxidant activity.

Recommended for:
• Skin health
• Tissue recovery
• Protection against free radical damage
• Circulation
• Circulation

About Vitamin E and “mixed” Tocopherols
• Vitamin E
is named “tocopherol”, a chemical name derived from the Greek. The first tocopherol ever discovered was alpha tocopherol. As more were discovered and isolated, each new tocopherol was given the next name in the Greek alphabet. Today there are, in addition to alpha tocopherol, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon tocopherols. The alpha tocopherol form is the one found in the largest quantities in human blood and tissue. The advantage of mixed tocopherol products is that they have greater antioxidant activity due to the presence of the beta, delta and gamma tocopherols.

As an antioxidant:
• Vitamin E
is a potent fat-soluble antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage. Free radicals contribute to many of the health problems that are associated with aging. Free radicals are highly reactive substances that result from normal metabolism, aging, and exposure to factors in the environment like cigarette smoke, pollutants, and ultraviolet light. Vitamin E protects other fat-soluble vitamins from destruction by oxygen and helps with the utilization of Vitamin A. Vitamin E also helps to protect cholesterol from oxidation and supports circulation and blood viscosity.

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